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Programming Trivia

Programming Trivia

Welcome to the website of the Programming Trivia project! Programming Trivia is a trivia game exclusively for programmers. It is very customizable; allowing you to add, edit, and remove categories, difficulty levels, and trivia questions.

There are many resources for this project that you may take advantage of. These include the following:

Project Development

Programming Trivia is currently in the pre-alpha stage. There are not yet any releases, but to download the latest build, please see the snapshots page . This may be an extremely unstable version, and will not include all of the features desired for Programming Trivia.

Future Plans

We have many future plans for Programming Trivia. Some of these are features that will not be able to be added until a future project release, definitely not being included in the first version. However, the following is a list of features that we plan to have in the first release.

We thank you for your interest in Programming Trivia. Please check back for new updates.


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